8.9: Pigglewiggle’s Generational Vacation

Bane: So I was thinking, mom, we haven’t had a family vacation in ages. What do you say?

Harley: That might be fun. Where do you want to go?

Bane, Harley, and Michel at breakfast. Bane is in his yellow pjs, but Harley and Michel are already dressed.
You’ve never been to Granite Falls right? The last time I was there, Michel and I were just kids.

Bane: Yeah, Granite Falls? I’d like to rent a cabin. . . Two days, please.

Harley looks really happy about this decision. Bane is on the phone with the Granite falls vacation folks. Michel is eating breakfast in his own world.

Michel: Yes, the fresh air! After that trip, I’m ready to go on long hikes and eat marshmallows.

Here we have a series of close up shots of everyone's expression when they arrived. The first is Michel. He looks positively thrilled, but then he loves the outdoors.
Hello, outdoors!

Luthor: Hmmm. This might be okay. I can’t go to space, but I could learn to fish and collect some bugs and stuff.

Luthor looks rather pensive. He is geeking out about this trip though.
I could categorize the insects we find and add them to our collection back home. I wonder how many kind we can find?

Alice: Why am I here? I hardly know these folks. Why did Bane invite me?

Here's a new face, Bane invited his friend Alice. She's not looking very happy at the prospect of this trip.
There’s only four bedrooms. If Bane thinks I’ll be sleeping with him…

Bane: That was the longest drive I have ever been on. This is where we’re staying? I’m seriously regretting this idea now.

Bane appears to be regretting his plan. He's all snarly and annoyed.
She should be happy to be allowed on this trip. How else can she join a legacy family?

Harley: Wait, I know this place. This is where Michel and I vacationed all those years ago.

Harley looks semi-pensive/sad in this photo. Like the memories are welling up.
That was such a long time ago.

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              • Yeah, me, too. I’ve been watching for Jim’s hair, which is not super long, but… actually sort of like George Harrison’s in maybe 1969… not really shaggy, but over the collar in the back, and bangs that can tuck behind the ears. Side part. I’m also waiting for bangs and a back braid for women. Braids for men would be awesome, too.

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