A head shot of Coral from the CAS with glasses, her brown hair pulled back and a dark pink sparkly shirt.

Step 8: Raising Kids Right

I’ve had kids gets ‘A’s before, it’s a bit of work, but not impossible. In my second generation both Charlotte and Austin got As I believe, but only Conan maxed a skill (social) and none of them reached their childhood achievement goal. Charlotte was a scamp, Austin and Arthur were Wiz Kids and Conan could not get a BFF to succeed in his wish for social butterfly.

Coral and Rudy stand next to each other on the monkey bars.
Coral and Cousin Rudy hanging out together.

Coral and Reef however, are benefiting from my experience. Coral quickly got an A and made sure she spent almost every morning on the monkeybars and most of her weekend on the computer. Reef went the other route and worked on his creativity first. I’ve never had a kid practice the violin before (word of advice, don’t). If you have sound effects on, the screeching is horrendous. (Probably as bad as I sounded as a child.)

I’m not entirely sure how you get “a top score in the arithmetic game,” but Coral must have managed because Austin and I were fishing in the secret grove when we got the notification that she’d made her achievements. (I love the “build skill” they can do when they’re at home. I just wish I could have had Austin fish away from home the same way). So Coral got her A and her achievement with a couple days to spare.

Reef and Lemongrass hugging.
“Thanks for helping me with my homework, Grandma.”

Reef maxed out his creativity the other night and has been working towards an “A.” He just had to complete his extra credit one more time and raise his motor from 1 to 4. I thought it was doable. I wish I’d had him play on the computer a bit more early on, but he got his social and mental up in time and one skill isn’t so hard. Sadly his birthday will be occurring on the weekend so there was no way to get him an A. I recommend getting the A first.

A head shot of Coral from the CAS with glasses, her brown hair pulled back and a dark pink sparkly shirt.
Our 3rd Heir

I did  forget Coral’s birthday and since she’s our heir, I feel awful about it. As revenge she rolled to be a Party Animal. So she’s an outdoor geek who wants to throw parties. Hopefully she’ll still be around when we get pools, because I’m pretty sure she’d love to throw pool parties.

I’m hoping Coral gets creative as her adult skill to continue the exemplar trait. Pretty sure Hilary and Austin won’t be having any more children. Actually there’s a weird bug where I can’t get them to woohoo at all. They start the animation, do their little happy dance, and then cancel the command. Their fun is suffering and yes I’m rolling without a spare this generation – so cross your fingers that I haven’t shot myself in the foot and will be forced to end this legacy.

Legacy Score: 18/100

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