9.6 Day in the Life – Pigglewiggles

It’s hard not to rush to the end of the legacy. Hard to remember to take your time. To watch the sims and pay attention to what they want. There’s a lot I’d do different if I could. I’d develop more plots – not necessarily create them, but notice when they go by and pay attention. I’d slow down. You know my first 4 generations were finished in 3 months? My first generation got 4 or 5 posts, my 8th had 20. I’d even that out a bit so everyone got equal face time.

But before we move on ourselves (and I adore starting new things). Let’s take a look at the Pigglewiggles we have today.

Ell is usually the first up as she has to work at the coffee shop. She’s also usually half an hour late since it takes a while to leave the house. The stairs are in the back. Then again, Ell is never in a rush either. I’ve had lots of sims run to work, Ell…ambles…even when she’s late.

11-22-15_2-14-53 PM

Connie’s still working as well, although I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that she’ll top her branch of athletic. She’s still only level 6 and her elder life bar is ticking away. I don’t think her job has been important to her, she rarely gets promoted. And now that Bane is gone, she’s not got a lot left she wants to do anymore. There’s stuff I’d like her to do, but waiting around for one of her kids to complete their aspiration…or top their career? That probably won’t happen.

11-27-15_5-05-40 PM

One thing I’d really like to do, is get Ari up to a level 8 painter before her mom dies. I haven’t memorialized Connie yet – although I remember reading that if they knew the person while alive, you can memorialize after death. Ari’s a level 5 painter right now. And unlike Ell I haven’t given her a part-time job. Ari gets to take her time waking up and eat breakfast.

11-22-15_12-05-21 AM

Luthor reached the top of his athletic career meaning (yay point for completing all the careers!) Not the branches, but hey, a point is a point (and now I have 73 of the little creatures). So we switched him over to Tech Guru since it matches his aspiration and I’d love to have someone max programming. He used to work nights so it’s been a struggle to get used to him working days.

11-27-15_5-09-26 PM

Hank has gone with the criminal career path. It fit his mischief aspiration. So he’s currently working nights and usually heads to bed when everyone else is just getting up. At least he still gets to see his family.

So mornings are rather hectic getting everyone up and ready for work and remembering to feed Shelby. But then once Luthor heads off, it’s slow until Hank wakes up.

11-27-15_5-13-38 PM

At 2pm Connie comes home, and wow! Promotion! She’s now a Champion Bodybuilder (7). It’s funny because she and Luthor started their athletic careers on the same day and Luthor is way beyond her and he even hated watching TV to “study opponents.” All Connie has to do is mentor her kids on the treadmill.

See, even when she’s happy, her eyes are tinged with sorrow.

11-27-15_5-15-30 PM

With Michel gone, we lost our best cook. So Connie and Luthor share the responsibility. Luthor is a much better cook than Connie (I think she’s secretly lazy). But she can at least help keep the fridge stocked.

11-27-15_5-24-47 PM

Looks like everyone but Luthor is home now. So the chaos begins anew. It’s the girl’s adult birthday today so we’re going to have a party. I’ve never managed to have a single sim get gold on every party type – Bane was the closest with only 2 types left when he passed – in fact he died in the middle of a Black and White he was hosting.

11-27-15_5-18-20 PM

While we wait to start the party, Ell is going to work on the garden. Bane’s garden is a huge endevor and almost everyone pitches in. Ell is the only one allowed to harvest though. With her wealthy aspiration, it’s a good way to make money. Ari will be painting. Another way for her sister to make money, selling paintings.11-27-15_5-25-37 PM

Looks like Bane’s next victim is here…

11-27-15_5-22-57 PM

I feel kind of bad at having him pick on elders – especially the hermit… But I don’t want him making enemies with future family members so all the guys and girls his age are off limits. And it’s just wrong to pick on kids.

11-27-15_5-27-00 PM

11-27-15_5-28-01 PM

11-27-15_5-28-34 PM

Yup. That’s my Hank. . . beating up elders. Sigh. On the plus side, as of today he’s reached level 2/4 for his aspiration so perhaps he won’t have to do this much longer.

Now that that’s done, it’s time to have our birthday party!

11-27-15_5-31-23 PM

11-27-15_5-37-29 PM

11-27-15_5-37-09 PM

11-27-15_5-45-20 PM

11-27-15_5-38-07 PM

11-27-15_5-38-40 PM

11-27-15_5-39-11 PM

11-27-15_5-46-25 PM

11-27-15_5-47-15 PM

11-27-15_5-47-33 PM

11-27-15_5-49-41 PM

11-27-15_5-50-58 PM

11-27-15_5-51-32 PM

Well, not surprising with the fire…It was a silver metal.

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