Bane ducks into the secret entrance to the Deep Woods.

9.1 Granite Falls

We were all super excited to visit Granite falls. Well, except for Dad and Uncle Luthor. Last time they went on vacation their mom died.

Arriving at Granite falls. Everyone has smiles on their faces, except Bane and Luthor.

Close up of Bane and Luthor. Bane is actively sad and frowning, poor guy. Luthor looks stone faced and melancholy.See. They weren’t exactly jumping up and down when we arrived like the rest of us. But they adjusted and did end up having fun, eventually. We were kind of all scattered about doing our own thing. Mom went finishing and caught a gummy fish. They’re supposed to be really rare, but I guess this one didn’t know what it was doing.

Connie in her chic athletic wear, fishes in the deep woods.

Dad spent a lot of time hunting down bugs and studying herbalism. He was gone most of the time mumbling about locusts and walking sticks.

Bane ducks into the secret entrance to the Deep Woods.

The first night, Uncle Luthor set up a fire and we all roasted marshmallows.

Luthor and the twins kneal in the ground before the fire. Why do they refuse to roast marshmallows from the nearby logs like sensible people?

I’m not sure Elleanor like it all that much. But I had fun. I got to tell my super scary ghost story.

11-08-15_10-45-32 PM

And we watched the stars.

The sky at night in Granite Falls. Trees and stars as far as the eye can see.

Mainly though we just relaxed.

Elleanor and Arianna sit at the counter (spookily simiar to how Michel and Harley did when they were this age) enjoying breakfast.

Slept late.

This is mainly to show that the girls have the same haircut when they go to bed. And no glasses. Elleanor (yellow) is walking up to Arianne (in red) who holds a glass of milk.And enjoyed the scenery.

A beautiful view of the forest.

Before we knew it, Dad was telling us it was time to head back home.


So we got back home and everything was all normal but guess what. Shelby was not happy that we were gone so long and it ATE dad!!! Hahahaha. But then spit him out.Bane has landed on his rump for this picture. Shelby looming large overhead, utters full.

Let’s just say dad wasn’t to happy with Shelby. Dad, it’s a cowplant, not a kid.

Oh – And then there was the time when Uncle L almost died by setting fire to the kitchen. That was hilarious.

Luthor is hitting a roaring stove fire with a spatula. (Don't worry he got it out before the house burned down.

Really we need someone with cooking skills in this house. I hear Grandpa Michel was an awesome cook. Didn’t anyone realized he was getting OLD? Both Mom and Uncle L are cooking some, but really the food is only okay.

Oh! And Dad also passed out on the floor one day after work, but I forgot to take a picture or something, cuz i don’t see it anywhere.

Sis, that’s because mom is making him work out so he’s not too out of shape when he gets old. So course he’s more tired.Connie urging him one, Bane attempts the hill challenge.Meh – he’s getting old and he’s already fat. I think it’s a lost cause.

I saw you got a boyfriend at the park, Ari.

Haley’s isn’t a boy!!

Arianna plays chess at the park with a short haired chile with a yellow sweater.

Are you sure? They sure looks like a boy to me.Haley dances after school - Airanna's just standing by, but she's about to dance I swear.

You are impossible, Ell. Anyway you’re just jealous because even though you’ve already completed your social aspiration you don’t have a best friend like Henry and I do.

I do so have a best friend! I have you, right?

Yeah. You do. I just meant a friend from outside our home.

So you complete your aspiration yet? I’m working on athletic next, so I don’t end up like Dad. I know Henry is working on it too.

Well, not yet, but I’ve started playing the piano.

Arianna tries the piano, one finger at a time.

Oh, god, don’t remind me. The plinking is endless.

I’ll get better. Dad says that is step-aunt Mina was great at the piano.

Sadly you’re not.

Are you almost done with your homework?

Ari is eating a hotdog while Elleanor scowls at her homework. She's soo cute when she scowls.

Yeah, why?

Let’s go play or something, I’m bored.

The twins play in the basement playroom. Complete with dollhouse (where Elleanor plays) and playbox which Arianna is sitting in front of. I missed the shot of them BOTH at the doll house cuz i was trying to get them to chat at the same time. Apparently that is not a thing.

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  1. This was so good! It is more fun with two! And how great the way these two get along! (in an evil sort of way!) And also, I love the way that Ell sees the fun in everything awful! No wonder we love evil Sims, right? Also–so awesome for a little transgender kid! Just like Sugar!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was hoping it would be easy to tell their voices apart! Yes, Ell finds great glee in the misfortune of others, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a sweat kid.

      I thought of Sugar the moment, Ari met Haley…I’m pretty sure she’s a girl, but if not, I’m going to have a lot of fun writing it. It would be nice to explore transgender issue a little more. The very first sims I ever made in this game (back with CAS was all they gave us) was my Genderqueers, I wanted to see how far I could bend each sim. And it really irks me to have so genderized clothing options for adults (kids are better…ish). I think my next round of mods and cc will be to help correct blur the lines a bit more.

      Liked by 1 person

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