8.10: Bittersweet Memories

I remember when we came here last. Nothing here has changed, except me.

Harley sits at the breakfast bar. The scene behind her matches the scene in the next image where she sits as a child.
It’s got that “old-fashioned” smell. Just like before.

I sat right here and had breakfast with Michel. He love to tell wild stories even back then.

Little Harley and Michel sit at the cabin bar chatting.
So then, the monkeys jumped up from behind the tent all wearing suits and top hats…

And this is where my father told me about being a legacy heir and what that meant.

Another kitchen scene with Harley looking to where her father, Meteor is cookie and chatting about her new responsibilities.
Someday this legacy will be yours, Harley.

Remember when we were here last, Michel?

Harley and Michel sit chatting on the couch. The kitchen behind them. Harley is speaking animatedly.

Yes, it was the best! You almost set yourself on fire. I laughed so hard.

Michel is cheering as he speaks. Harley looks a little less pleased with his joy.

Harley at the camp, fire burning brightly. She looks a little nervous.

I did not! It just surprised me is all.

Harley protests and Michel laughs to himself.

Sure, sure. Of course it did. So, if you could go back in time and meet your child self. What would surprise her the most?
Michel asks Harley.

Well, I never expected to fall in love especially with someone so much older than me, and an alien as well. Little Harley would never have expected that. I know we had such a short time together, and he never got to watch the kids grow up. But I wouldn’t have traded Darin for anyone else in the world.

Harley answers Michel's question. She's looking happy, Michel is looking pensive.Darin and Harley's first kiss. A neighbor kid glares at them, Mina as a child just arrives home from school.

You know I was kind of nervous about drinking the potion of youth so young. I knew it would mean that we’d be here longer than our spouses.


Yeah, I was nervous too. But I think it was the right thing since the kids are adults now with families of their own. Or mostly. Now, though, we’ve both gotten our letters from the Grim, the “get your affairs in order” letter.

That surprised me when I opened it up, I thought all that exercise would pay off.

It will, I’m sure. Well, speaking of families, I’m going to go find Bane. I need to talk to him soon about this legacy thing.
07-24-15_9-06 PM-7

Ha! Yes. He is impossible. Imaging inviting a girl he barely knows on our vacation.

07-24-15_9-06 PM-6

So Bane, about Anne –

-Alice. And yeah, I know, it was a bad idea. She’s miserable here. But I thought she liked me and she came didn’t she?

Probably she didn’t want to say no. But you know you were rushing things.
Yeah, but….

Don’t worry about it. The right person will come along soon enough – you’ve got days left before you even need to think about drinking a potion. And as a guy, you’ve got it easier. Time is your friend here.

07-24-15_9-10 PM-3

I just want a family. Like we had when I was growing up. Plus, I was kind of hoping you’d have a chance to meet your grandkids. I’m sure you’d make a great grandmother.

07-24-15_9-11 PM

Ha. That’s a kind thing to say, son. But I’m evil, mischievous, and far too career-oriented. I’ll make a great evil ghost to terrorize them though. That’ll be fun.


Seriously though, I don’t want you to rush and be miserable. I know my end is coming soon. But just know that I am proud of you and all you’ve achieved so far. You’ll do this legacy proud.

07-24-15_9-10 PM-2

Don’t say that mom. You’ve still got plenty of time.

Harley waves goodbye as the grim approaches. Farewell sweet Harlequin Pigglewiggle.

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