Step 26: Desire

Sting does his birthday jump spin to young adulthood.
Happy birthday to you!

So, Sting had his birthday and got a job at the company where mom used to work. Otherwise our lives haven’t changed much. Well, not that much. Sting was super upset when Daisy died. He’d just named her and the next time we looked around she was dead. To be honest, I’m kind of relieved.

The bone-remains of daisy the cow plant.
RIP Daisy

But life continues. Uncle Topher and Aunt Carmen have been great. Topher claims his garden is nearing completion with only a couple more plants needed. He’s been keeping it small with grafting plants together, but it’s still his full time job. The rest of us are planning out our lives, and trying to figure out what we want out of life in between our jobs.

Dylan sits, alone, at the chess table.
If only life were like chess where all the player’s moves were prescribed.

I’ve been concentrating on my job mostly, but Sting has been wandering around town chatting folks up. People open up to him, the one time I joined him, all the guys I met were evil.

Sting (in his pajamas) chats up a wondering sim in black.
“Hi! I like your style! Me, no, this is my working out outfit not my pjs….”

I even went on a date with one of the locals who turned up at our fishing spot. He seemed nice enough. Mom even met him, but soon after our date started I learned he, too, was evil. Needless to say our date did not go well. Although I did meet another sim at the bar who seemed interesting enough.

Dylan chats with a guy in mutton chops (not her date) while others dance behind her.
My date’s the evil guy in the back with the red tie and uhg cowboy boots. (Also the guy in the blue Tshirt is evil, I met him earlier).

Not everyone’s quest has turned up empty, though.

Distant picture of two sims...most likely Mo and a woman in a hat, on a bench in the park.
What do we see here?

Legacy Score: 50! Woot!

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