Remembering Michelangelo Pigglewiggle

Michelangelo Pigglewiggle was born last March. The only twins of the Pigglewiggle Household to date.

Twin bassinets, Harley in yellow is to the left. Michel, in green, on the right. They look like regular babies.

Their father was Meteor Pigglewiggle.

Meteor tends the garden outside the (old) Pigglewiggle house. Two bassinets are nearby in the sun. I like taking the babies outside when I can since they're locked in their cribs. (Here's to hoping!)

Their mother was Darin.

Darin, as you probably remember, is not female. He's evil and male. And seen here cackling over his latest children's book.

Okay – this was before aliens, so we got creative. Meteor’s sister’s wife, Sonja, provided the womb.

Sonja, are pretty dark haired womb. Michel got his coloring from Dad, but Harley got hers from Sonja.

Michel and his sister (Harley) had matching aspirations of Wiz Kid. Which was pretty convenient.

Darin reads the kids in the (old) playroom. I don't know, I've always liked this photo.

Michel and Harley playing chess. I love it when you can share skilling. They're in the (old) living room. Blue and Victorian.

Upstairs in the (old) focus office, Harley works on homework with Sonja tutoring, and Michel on the couch, does his homework while being tutored by Darin.

They both succeeded in their childhood aspirations.

Michel maxing his mental skill and becoming an awesome wiz kid. I love his blue bear hat. He wore it all the time as a kid. I wish adults could wear it.

Michel did not grow up evil despite having two parents who were evil. Instead he grew up insane. With a desire to be a culinary chef. (They moved into a newly created mansion at this point.Michel in the new (old style) kitchen all grown up. He's looking young and dapper, and is telling an epic story to the tomatoes he's chopping up.

He maxed cooking, gourmet cooking, and the newly added skill of baking. He fell in love with the pretty (and insane) girl next door.

Lovely Kierra. I think I feel in love with her hat. She wears that large black floppy hat.They were married.

Sadly, unhatted, but dressed formally (formallish) in a blank top and blue mini skirt, Kierra accepts Michel's ring. They were married moments later.

And had little Julliene.

My favorite picture ever. Michel is just so perfectly illuminated by the alien's beam. He's wearing his black master chef uniform.

Aw, little Julliene. Clearly an alien and son of Michel. He's purple and insane like his parents.

But Michel’s true goal in life was the stars. So once he completed his aspiration he changed careers.

Michel, in his chef uniform, watches the stars. Dreaming.

And started working out. A lot.

Action shot! Michel punching the punching bag from behind. The only reason you can see him is the force of the blow moved the bag sideways.

Oh - and he was shirtless in the last image too. Here he's running on the tredmill, shirtless, his shoulders...rawr!He started at the very bottom of the astronaut career.

Michel in the very first uniform of the astronaut career. You've got a long way to go, baby. He looks so happy to be going off to work though. I'm glad we switched careers even though he's already an adult and already taken the white cup of long lifeness.

Although his body was perfect, his mind needed more tuning.

Playing chess with Luthor who's aspiration is to be a nerd brain. Hopefully Michel remembers his childhood wiz kid smarts.

And Michel plays with Mina. She has no desire to play fair and cheated the entire time.

He worked his way up the career ladder. Inch by Inch.

Michel sleeping on his bed in the middle of the day. Poor thing is exhausted. Sadly I don't have any pictures of him in his other uniforms like the spacesuit one.His wife passed away.

Kierra, in a white floppy hat, takes the cowplant cake.

Not by cowplant.
And Shelby spits her out. Darn. I was hoping for a cowplant death. I'm just evil, aren't I? My sims must be rubbing off on me.

But from old age.

The grim comes for an old lady, painting outside. That's what she did in the end, painted pictures of everyone and everything. Sadly she never finished this one which was to be of Bane and Shelby.He supported his family.

Keeping them fed.

Michel at the stove cooking, something. Julienne is eating an omelet at the table, and Mina is grabbing leftovers from the fridge.

All of them.

Michel feeds Shelby meat so the cowplant won't eat any sims.Until one night…
OMG, my favorite moment. Michel has just been promoted to level 8. He's wearing a really cool Han Solo ish outfit. With his salt and pepper hair (mainly salt) he looks so dashing.


Doesn’t he make the most handsome smuggler ever! Only one level left till he reaches the top. Here’s to hoping.

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