Step 31: Much Needed Vacation

Pigglewiggle Family Gen. 5-6On Monday, just after 8am, Meteor had his birthday surprising us all. The girls barely had time to say “Hello” before they had to rush off to school, and me rush off to work. I’m told he and Toby spent the day in the attic painting pictures. But despite the introverted nature of their activities, Meteor is quite outgoing.

Panorama of the attic room, with Meteor in one corner painting, and Toby in the other.
And the radio was broken, so this was “painting in silence.”

When Galaxy had her birthday, she invited all the neighbor kids over and Meteor rushed to meet them all. Galaxy declared herself as searching for a soulmate. Not exactly what I would have picked for her, but I wish her the best of luck. I wouldn’t say Toby and I are soulmates, he loves his freedom too much for me to add any more weights to what already ties him here, but in him I’ve found plenty of happiness.

Toby at the end of his long life.
I couldn’t remember if I’d already given him a potion, at 110, I think I had.

Toby was 110 when the Reaper came to visit. I’m grateful it didn’t occur during one of my trips to space, instead I was out in the garden when I noticed strange lights up in our bedroom window. I pleaded, but as usual the Grim refused. He doesn’t seem to believe in second changes.

To cheer us all up, I decided we’d take a three day weekend to the new campgrounds. So we all took a vacation. Mo and Chocolate came too, although they must have gone off on their own, because after the first day, we hardly saw them at all.

Three tents surround a firepit and small cooking area. Zzzzs come from each of the tents.
Early morning.

Camping was interesting, I bought us some tents and chairs so we’d have a place to stay. There’s an age-limit on the advanced hiking trails (aka the Deep Woods section of the map doesn’t allow kids or teens), so we stayed around the camp. I jogged a lot and took up fishing.

Dylan in new hat and jeans looks at the notice board for the campsite.
What are we going to do today?

We ate lots of marshmallows and Nova was really good at telling scary stories. Galaxy was a great help, she often woke up before anyone else and made us breakfast. Although she burnt herself on the fire the first day. She also claims to have met a nice young man (there were very few teens or kids besides us) but she didn’t get his number so he’s lost to us now (and no longer in her relationship panel, sigh).

Galaxy puts out the grill fire while, Meteor watches, and Nova runs away.
Quick thinking with the extinguisher. Shame about those burgers.

Nebula had her birthday while we were camping. Having chosen to pursue her own family lineage means she’s pretty much allowed to do whatever she wants until she moves out. I think camping was  bit more than she expected though, she refused to touch any of the bugs Meteor was collecting.

Galaxy is watching Nebula freak out. Meteor in the background looking a bit annoyed at his sister's actions.
Squeamish Nebula reacts poorly to Meteor’s plan collect bugs.

Nova and Meteor spent most of their time playing in the tent, hiking, and cloud gazing. Meteor also spent a lot of time practicing his violin, I think that might be why we had so few visitors to our camp.

All to soon it was our last day and we arrived home in time to get a good night’s sleep before school and work began again on Monday.

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Legacy Update: Girls of Gen 5


    • Ah – for the slideshows when you pick to “add media” on the left side menu are several options “insert media” (selected); create gallery; etc. Pick create gallery and then the images you want to include. There’s several different types of galleries to pick from.

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  1. After what feels like light years I’m back for some Pigglewiggle fun! I think Galaxy is my favourite at the moment, there’s something very fresh about her. Though Nebula’s squeamish trait is fun – I’ve never played a squeamish sim myself.

    So sad it was Toby’s time to go already. He’s been a great legacy spouse, in spite of his love of arts and freedom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to see you back. I adore Galaxy. I love her face which is quite mannish from time to time. But she looks more real that way.

      I was actually disappointed in the squeamish trait and not just because I thought Nebula was more a tomboy. But it only really appears when camping or cleaning garbage up. I was hoping it would do more.


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