Reflections from a Legacy Reject

Reject is a strong word. Too strong? I wasn’t rejected so much as never eligible. Wong sex when sex really mattered. For us, the useless and the spares, the legacy is about support. We’re always there, next to the heir.

Being support means being around to help encourage the next generation.

Michel encourages little Bane at the drawing table.
I don’t care what your teacher says, Indigo *is* to a color of the rainbow.

To wait patiently on lookout while your sister tries to clog the drains at all the local shops.

Michel sits in the library pretending to read a book.
Did she say call out like a robin or a raven if anyone come in here?

05-26-15_11-52 PM-2

To care for the child when everyone else is busy.

Michel cuddles baby Ivy (I think). It might be Luthor since they look the same, but the timestamp implies it's Ivy.
Shush, shush – don’t cry. Uncle Michel’s here…wait that sounds weird. Uncle…

It’s not the glamour and fun of the heir. Instead we’re the family members that make it all possible, the cooks, the repairmen, the career enthusiasts who give our lives and dreams to support the legacy.

Michel looking proud as he returns home from work.
Another promotion! I’m so close to the top.

As a kid, I wanted to be an international smuggler (even then I was looking at career options we needed). I thought that flying through space in one of grandma Dylan’s rockets sounded exciting. But wishes hold little power against the roll of dice. A culinary aspiration means the culinary career. But I found happiness in cooking for everyone, it’s good story-making time and I know I’m skilled at it.

Michel "cooking" or rather telling himself a story instead of cooking.
After the broccoli had convinced the world that steak was healthier, the broccoli lived happily ever after.

My presence in this house is required if we’re to eat. My next personal wish was to become a master mixologiest, but the game won’t let you flip career paths after you’ve passed the halfway mark – at least not without cheating.

So I picked another aspiration. Working out is fun, and if I do it right, I might live long enough to see generation 9…the last generation – my grand niece? I doubt I’ll see 10 except as a ghost.

Michel pulling weights. He's working on his new fitness aspiration.
Three skill points down, seven to go!

That is if I’m able to stay beyond the grave. All our own ghosts are gone, I saw Dylan one last time the other night.

Michel hugs the ghostly Dylan...last time we ever saw her. (sniff)
Dylan did I ever tell you you’re my idol?

But now all our graves are silent, even Deshawn’s grave refuses to let his spirit loose again. Harley’s one night of fun was her last.

05-30-15_1-27 AM-2

05-30-15_1-31 AM

Being an extra isn’t all terrible though. We spares and siblings snatch our happiness. Perhaps not with the fanfare of a proper legacy wedding. But something twice as sweet.05-30-15_3-05 PM

The game helps out too, it doesn’t understand “legacy” and sometimes it’ll force happiness on you even after you’ve resigned yourself to raising only your sister’s children and never having a full family of your own.

05-30-15_2-29 PM-2

05-30-15_2-50 PM

Perhaps it’s not the life I would have chosen. I’m not the heir or even a spare, I don’t get a spin off story, I don’t exist in the gallery to be used for something else, but my points will be a part of this project, my achievements held in those points, that potion, and that aspiration checked off the list. I get to be a part of something bigger than just one sim, even an heir. A piece of this wild experiment. A (probably) successful first try.

Michel watches the stars the nigh he decides to quit the culinary career.
I think perhaps, it’s time to follow my dreams. Space – here I come!

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  1. Oh, this is touching–I’m a little tearful, actually. Really unsung heroes–I’m thinking of all the spares up and down the lines in all the stories we’ve read and those legacies we’ve played. This was beautiful and moving.

    The part about the ghosts being culled got me.

    I’m so enjoying all your first-person posts. (And I’m excited for the nooboo!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think Michel is another of my favorite Sims, he’s so good at what he does. So I’m glad he’s happy even though it’s all about his sister. As a narrator, Michel is the best. I was so happy to see Dylan and then a couple days later…suspiciously after a Thursday I realized all my graves were blank. I guess it’s just the family’s way of saying they’ve moved on.

      (Spoiler, this nooboo is spork/julienne since I haven’t posted about it I don’t have to decide yet. :))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reject is definitely too strong a word, he is an unsung hero! It sounds like you randomize your sims’ traits and careers? Michel being the lookout for his sister was really funny.

    I was sad about the culling of the ghosts. I wonder if they are going to keep being culled or if that was a one-time update thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I figured out the ghost thing. In one of the updates, it reset my game settings which turned off the script mods. I have the mod that’s supposed to stop culling so while it was installed it wasn’t active.

      Yeah, I use Pinstars trait generator for traits and aspirations, but I do pick careers. Even though someone already maxed the culinary career I had to get Michel to Level 8 to complete his aspiration so he could pick a different one.

      Agree, completely, these are legacy heroes! Although Harley named all her kids after super villains….


  3. And with this I’m all caught up! Got through the whole thing in one day! *pats self on back*

    Glad you made the thread on the forums so I could find your blog. Lots of great stuff here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sticking with it! I only just realized I should probably be on the forums. For ideas and advice if nothing else. So I’m glad it let you find your way here.

      Liked by 1 person

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