Step 27: All the World’s a Stooge

Mo Pigglewiggle’s date with Katrina went swimmingly.

Mo akwardly asks Katrina for a date in the kitchen. Luckily she say yes.
“You, um, want to go to the park with me?”
A close up of the distance park bench shot we saw in the previous post with Mo and Katrina.
Cuddling on the bench.
Mo and Katrina embrace at the end of their date. First kiss.
Without hesitation
Another kiss shot.
One more kiss for the road.

I love this girl’s expressions. She (and Mo) were so happy on the date, it just tickled me pink. I think it’s the first time two sims of mine have really really clicked. We asked her to move in immediately after this gold star date. She said yes. Katrina is a foodie, perfect mate for our maxed out cook. He may be a glutton but she’s always pleased after she eats his food. (I kind of wish I’d gotten her to have a kid before they fixed the twins bug, but we can hope for our first family twins). I’ll be keeping this cadet branch around!


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