7.5: The Grim Waits for No One

[Starting transmission 7.5.07 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 26 of 26. Voices automagically transcribed.]

So you’re there right? I’m not just speaking into the void? Harley thinks I am, but well, even if I am wrong and there’s no one on the other side, someone’s got to document our lives, right?

Michel looking pensively at the ceiling in the living room.
Sometime I think I might be insane.

We knew the end was coming. Darin’s health was never been as good as Dad’s and I doubt the pregnancy in his later years helped much. He spent almost all him time with Mina. He encouraged her in every way he could, was never mean…well he was never mean to us either. He only was mean to strangers.

He listened to all her stories and laughed at all her corny jokes.

Mina and Darin sit on the couch joking.
So the fish says, you can’t swim here, it’s under water!

He always helped her with homework. Even when she didn’t need it.

Mina sits in the music room chair reading her homework. Darin stands nearby waiting to be of assistance.
It’s okay dad, I know this one.
No worries, I’m just here if you need me.

He read her stories with ALL the voices, even the squeaky pirate voice.

Darin reads to Mina. She is listening attentively.
“You can’t kill me!” Says the pirate in her squeaky voice. “I’m a mouse-keteer.”

They were best friends. Perhaps Darin’s first and only best friend as he rarely let anyone get that close to him.

Darin and Mina hug. There's a best friend bubble coming from the hug.
I love you daddy!
Darin snuggles Mina...the snuggle command is SOOO cute!
I love you two, Mina.

He spent time with Dad too. In the end their friendship bar was finally almost maxed out. Impressive for two evil sims.

Meteor does the hand shuffle, but Darin is rocking fully to the music.
It’s embarrassing to watch your parents dance.

But when it’s your time, it’s your time. And the Grim waits for no one.

Meteor was chatting in the bathroom with Darin when the grim came.
So, why are we in the bath- oh no. Not now!
Meteor pleads with the grim.
Please?! You know his daughter is still at school. Just this once.

05-17-15_11-43 PM

05-17-15_11-43 PM-3

05-17-15_11-44 PM

Well normally. Harley said Dad’s begging was pretty impressive. He wanted Darin to have just a few more hours to say goodbye to everyone. Give him time to say goodbye to Mina who was at school the first time around.

Mina and Darin snuggle on the bed.
I love you Mina.

05-18-15_12-15 AM-2

05-18-15_12-16 AM

05-18-15_12-17 AM

Aunt Galaxy had painted a picture of Darin back at the old place, so the picture is doubly sweet. Dad took both deaths much harder than Mina. I think she knew her dad wouldn’t be around for her whole life so she treasured the moments she had with him and didn’t worry about the future.

Meteor's pouty sad face. The lips tremble...I can't help but love it.
If he thought no one was looking, you’d see how sad he was.

Dad took up playing again. Aunt Galaxy said he’d played a lot when he was  teenager, but then jobs and kids took their place and he stopped playing. His playing was lively and fun. But I knew he was just waiting to follow Darin. He named his first song “Dancing with Darin.”

Darin practices at the piano for the first time.
Dad’s retired now and spends all his time at the piano.

I had to ask him why he stayed. And he said he wanted to be here for Mina’s birthday. Darin would would want to know what kind of girl she grew up to be. And he intended to be able to answer that.

Meteor and Michel are talking over breakfast.
I know he’d want to be there for Mina’s birthday which is just around the corner. He can’t, so I will.

Although he was sad most of the time, he didn’t mope. If you didn’t know him, you would have thought him happy. He never stopped upgrading and fixing our appliances.

Meteor in his pajamas, fixes the broken sink in his bedroom.
The master bathroom must be perfectly upgraded.

He also came to the rescue and saved us from certain death.

Meteor puts out a stove fire.
Who left this stove unattended?!

I think that might have been my fault.

Michel looking kind of pensive, but unashamed after running out of the house when the fire started.
Now why am I outside? I thought I was making dinner.

On Mina’s birthday, Aunt Galaxy came to visit us. I haven’t seen Darin yet and perhaps he thinks the pain will be too great for Dad. I don’t know. I think he would have liked to see Darin there at her party.

Michel carries the impressive black and white cake to the table. Mina sits next to ghost Galaxy who sits across from Meteor. Harley and a strange old man are eating dinner.
Harley, who’s this old man you invited over for Mina’s birthday?
Mina looking completely adorable in her green sweater and cap blows out the candles.
Make a wish!
Mina sparkles as she completes her birthday spin. You'll have to wait for the full reveal of her new look.
Yes, she got the evil trait. That means I’m in a house with only evil sims. No wonder I’m insane.

I don’t exactly know when it happened. But by the next morning dad was gone too. He’d stayed just long enough to fulfill his promise.

05-20-15_12-46 AM

[End transmission 7.4.20]

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  1. Oh my gosh–the rash of evil! Are you surviving?

    Mina looks fantastic.

    So hard with all those visits from Grim. Makes me enjoy the game-play sessions and chapters in between.


    • So much evil! I notice though that evil Sims are happy and have better relationships with other evil Sims. I’ve started just ignoring the evil trait. But its causing my rolls to be a bit biased. I’m really hoping this is my last evil generation.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I may have gone overboard with Mina. She’s not my heir, but she’s got the outfit variety I normally give heirs…two everyday outfits and three formal I couldn’t help myself. I just love her face.

      Liked by 1 person

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