7.4 Checking off Aspirations

[Starting transmission 7.4.20 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 10 of 10. Voices automagically transcribed.]

Harley (in pjs) cuddles Mina autonomously in her parent's bedroom moments after they have come home from the hospital.
Hello, little bug.

Mina was cute. Even Harley agreed.

Harley is taking her heir responsibility seriously and that means finding a spouse.

Harley interrogates a few boys playing chess in the park. They do not impress.
Whatsup knuckleheads?

Darin hangs out with Mina all the time, he dotes on her in a way he never did with us. Encouraging her artistic talents,

You’re getting really good at this. As good as your Aunt Galaxy.

helping her out with homework,

Darin stares pensively down at where Mina works on her homework at the desk in her room.
Um… maths. Perhaps we should have Harley or Michel help out here, they were wiz kids.

even making friends in the park so she can complete her social aspiration.

Evil old man surrounded by three young boys...that's not suspicious, right?
Evil old man surrounded by 3 young boys…that’s not suspicious, right?

That…didn’t work out as expected. Mina brings out two reactions in sims, either they like that she’s an alien or they’re angry that she’s an alien. She doesn’t do anything to encourage it. She thought about creating a disguise and then no one would be angry when they met her and she wouldn’t be embarrassed. But it’s important to understand who you are – and I fear those who are angry now, would be twice as upset if they figured it out later.


The three kids Darin brought home all ended up being angry at Mina and she spent most of her time bravely hiding the fact she was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing. She says making friends with adults is easier. Although, now that it’s a weekend, she’s got plenty of time to win them over slowly.

Mina goes in for a (successful) hug with her first childhood friend.
Aw. Just give them time, Mina. They’ll come around.

We finally put the rockets away and made a kind of science center down in the basement. I expect we’ll be getting more alien artifacts and rocks and such so it’ll be good to have a place to put them all. It’s a place to put the microscope prints as well. Our house is still down about 25K to complete the mansion baron aspiration.

You can see just the edge of Harley as she turns the corner of a long plain hallway. This is downstairs next to the little pool.
Hallway now leading to the new science wing of the house. (Secret for now)

Dad put in our first VR gaming pad and that helped, but I think we lost too many masterpiece paintings in the move.

Meteor, still in pjs, checks out his new gaming rig.
BlickblockMaster wins again!

Dad took his youth potion, although he did get his aspiration that afternoon, we weren’t sure how long the bubbles would last. Better safe than sorry when you’re in generation 7. Harley also got her last royalty check and is moving on to new aspirations. I’m guessing mischief is high on her list since she’s been working on that trait for work. It’s cool though, she’s got lots of conspiracy theories and wild ideas she shares with me. They are less crazy than she thinks.

Harley goes to work in her new black suit and hat.
Crime Boss. The outfit suits.

[End transmission 7.4.20]

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  1. I gave in with Mansion Baron and just bought as many crazy knight statues as I needed to finish out the 350k.

    Mina is adorable in those cute clothes she wears. I love her hat. It’s so hard for aliens when the other Sims get so upset and mad when they first meet them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I liked your response to getting that trait. I was in the habit of giving everyone who finished their aspiration that trait since it auto-completed. But the new house failed me at first.

      I adore dressing the aliens. They’re so adorable and now I can dress them in clothes without forcing them to wear a disguise. That was a dilemma for Mina (and myself), but luckily the patch came out before she had her first day of school. I’m keeping an eye on her but so far she seems to be doing well at school and not being teased too much.


      • I think aliens have their own special brand of bravery! I’m leaving Silduun’s suit on, because in my mind/story, it’s needed to help her breathe, since her home planet has a different atmosphere.

        Liked by 1 person

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