8.5: Escaping the Madhouse Pt. 3

So maybe I was a bit untruthful about my situation.

Ivy kisses the mysterious sweatered stranger we saw at the end of a previous episode.
Late night kisses, stolen in the park are the best.

But, hey, I’m evil and I still wasn’t sure if he was really the one. I didn’t want to tip my hand.

Our date may have started awkward, but it progressed nicely after we got the stressful age thing behind us. We danced the night away.

Ivy and Corbin square off in their previous date, hips swaying as a flirty mood hits.
You wanna dance?
Ivy and Corbin dance, Corbin is clearly looking down, and he looks pleased with the view.
He’s sooo checking out my butt, isn’t he?

And older men are good kissers. The date was golden. Despite everything, Corbin turned out pretty cool.

First kiss! Hearts explode as Ivy kisses Corbin. He may be surprised right now, but he was very happy with the end result.
You gotta show your interest clearly. Otherwise the other party might not figure it out. He figured it out.

I was pretty sure he would be willing to help me with my escape plan. So I invited him over so we could talk business.

Ivy texts Corbin early in the morning.
Miss you. Come by soon?

I’m not just using him. But it’s not like I love him yet, it’s more that I think I might be able to love him. But if that was going to happen, he had to help me get out of this legacy. I wanted him to know what he was agreeing to. That meant no mansion, no youth potion, no promise of children (unless *she* cheats), no being played. Just the two of us, left to our own devices.

Ivy explains the situation to Corbin in the foyer of the house.
If we’re lucky we’ll get put in the green house. The one *she* built herself.

Despite that, he was willing to help.

The bed explodes with fireworks after woohoo. The room is dark blue and light wood, with a pink and yellow rug.
Very willing to help.

Perhaps this is love. I mean, there were even fireworks. And no, that’s not Bane’s bed or my mom’s bed (yuck). *Someone* figured that since I’d invited Corbin into our house, we might as well have a place to stay and so *she* redecorated the nursery.

Luthor and Julienne have to share a room upstairs. Ha! Serves them right.

Step two of my plan was set in motion soon after. No way am I going to slave away another two levels of aspirations for this house. In the future all the parties will by my choice.

Ivy proposes to Corbin on bended knee, in the kitchen.
So, you agree?
Corbin examines his ring, a smug look on his face.
I didn’t really think this day would ever come.

As you probably guessed, he said yes. And we planned our first Pigglewiggle wedding of the generation. I win! Ha!

Bane’s lady-love is out of the picture now as well so he doesn’t even have that. We invited her to our wedding and you know what?

Ivy and Corbin sit at the bar. In the distance two sims walk their way. A young man in a tux, and a grey-haired lady in a green dress.
Hey, Ivy isn’t that…?
Closer up photo of the woman in green. Her grey hair is curled to the side, somewhat familiarly.
In the green? Oh my, yes! That’s…
Yup. It's Alivia, Bane's love-interest from previous chapters, but old age has hit. He'll be looking elsewhere now.

Yup! She’s old! Hahahahaha.

We planned a simple outdoor affair. I didn’t want to waste anytime with a fancy destination wedding or risk losing *her* attention and being stuck here forever. So we just had a huge party with lots of food and a fountain of drinks. The soft ringing of cowplant bells was almost soothing.

Ivy rings Corbin during the wedding. The crowd has gathered to watch (no one is sitting). A cowplant is visible directly behind the crowd.
Just ignore the bells. Image they’re not attached to sim-eating plants…that might be getting hungry.

I was worried a bit near the end. Just as the service ended, my relatives arrived. Distant relatives. Apparently they wanted to check out my new husband.

The wedding has ended, Ivy watches as aliens take her husband. Behind him, Harley is grinning ear to ear.
Uh, Ivy? What’s this?

They returned him an hour later. And since the party hadn’t even ended yet, we were able to get on with our post-wedding plans right on schedule.

More woohoo, more hearts.
Don’t worry, there were fireworks this time too.

We left the next morning. See ya legacy suckers, I’m outta here!

Ivy cackles evilly over breakfast.

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  1. Wahaha, Ivy. That girl is so intelligently sassy, it’s unbelievably funny! Congratulations on her weddi-er, I mean, her master plan working out! All but perhaps the lack of children though…I don’t think her relatives might have just wanted to check Corbin out! 😉 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • She’s really endeared herself to me. I’m going to have to play her in some other way now that she’s on her own. For this game she probably won’t get much but I’m saving her now and when I find the right challenge (hopefully soon) she’ll be a feature. I want her to have a chance to get played especially since she and Corbin don’t expect it.

      Liked by 3 people

        • My hope is that she won’t mind too much as long as SHE is the focus. I think she just hates being second fiddle and as a girl, she was always just going to be mined for points this generation. Luckily I got all my youth potions last generation, so her aspiration points are her own to take with her. Now, I just need to find the right challenge for her.

          Liked by 2 people

  2. She made it out! She is so cynical, but who can blame her for wanting her own life and freedom?! That “He figured it out,” screenshot was so hilarious, with your caption, and so were the woohoo shots with their captions. And I love her last line, so triumphant.


    • She’s just too awesome for this legacy. I’m thinking hard about how to give her a chance to enjoy some limelight of her own. And I’m glad you enjoyed the captions. I can’t always do them but they really worked for this post.

      Ivy’s so easy to write compared to Bane…grrrr. Bane is getting on my nerves these days.


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