Pigglewiggle: Girls of Gen 5

Something interesting has happened to my genetics as all three girls ended up with wildly different complexions and hair. Galaxy is very blond, but kind of olive skinned, Nebula dark haired and darker skined, and Nova a regular brunette but paler than her sisters.

Galaxy Pigglewiggle

(Goofball, Artlover and looking for a soulmate)

Galaxy was by far the hardest to work with, her face is quite unique and few of the haircuts worked for her without making her face too long. She achieved both Scamp and Social Butterfly during her childhood and was halfway complete with Artistic when it was time for her birthday. And was the first Pigglewiggle to age up skinny and it wasn’t the Scamp aspiration since others have done that too. I’m guessing Toby’s genes finally overrode the Pigglewiggle wiggle. Galaxy’s girly but with a bit of spunk that means she won’t be taking crap from anyone. As the eldest, she’s kind of the leader of the Pigglewiggle gang.

Galaxy’s colors are teal and blue. I think her everyday look is my favorite and probably a sign of the woman she’ll become. I’m amazed of how much her look changes when she doesn’t style her hair – not that she’d be caught dead outside with it unstyled.

Array of Galaxy's looks.
Party – Swim – Everyday – Formal – Gym – Sleep

Nebula Pigglewiggle

(Good but squeamish and hoping for a successful family lineage)

Nebula is a dark beauty unlike her older sister, but the two were fast friends and troublemakers as kids. Nebula got her social butterfly badge in record time, but didn’t manage to get to level ten motor skills before she had her birthday. As it was during the camping trip, that meant no party for her, and she wasn’t too pleased about that. It’s clear that these two women have plans of their own outside of the family’s legacy needs. Nebula is one of the friendliest sims and so far I haven’t seen any negative affects with the squeamish trait – I thought for sure she’d balk at “spraying for bugs” in the now much reduced garden. Like her sister, she aged up skinny, I don’t know what to do with this new family weight.

Nebula’s color was that reddish purple growing up, but now that’s she’s older she’s going for fushia and white, but the deep maroon of her Party look will probably be her adult look. I love her sleepwear outfit as well.

Array of Nebula's looks.
Formal – Sleep – Everyday – Gym – Party – Swim

Nova Galaxy

(Cheerful Perfectionist, successful Mansion Baron, and aspiring Nerd)

Nova was always trailing after her sisters, although after succeeding at social butterfly, she attempted to get the Wiz kid, but even an all-nighter before her birthday couldn’t pull anything higher than a Mental level of 6. While her sister’s were best friends, Nova was forced to become best friends with the neighbor kid and for a while there, I was afraid Galaxy and her were going to have a bad relationship, although they seemed to have patched that up quickly. Since the Mansion Baron trait is immediately successful in this household, the question was more what she was going to do next. She may be sticking around for while to help out with the legacy.

Still a kid at heart, pink and green have always been Nova’s colours, like a lovely flower. She’s a bit more adventure style-wise than her sisters, and her cap is her trademark. She’s not as skinny, but this may be the new norm. I love how mature she looks in her formal outfit and I’m interested in what she’ll wear as an adult.

Nova's looks.
Formal – Everyday – Gym – Sleep – Party – Swim

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  1. The outfits are so cool – I love how you went with a distinct theme for each of the sisters. It is really neat that each of them has completely different colouring as well – well done Sims 4 genetics!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so surprised by the coloring variety. They’re all so different. I try to give all my kids colors to help keep them apart. (Lazy mom), but these three turned out really well. Distinct not only in colors, but style as well.


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