A brief interlude in the story to look at how the scoring works for those who are interested.

Sneak peak of my score sheet looking at the athletic and nature points of the challenge.
This is what my score sheet looks like.

There are now three official scorekeepers on Pinstar’s legacy challenge website. However I had already spent some time creating my own. It was super fun to figure out how much to automate and how much not to. I created a version and shared it here if you’re interested in comparing or using. I’ll update it when I discover issues.

I’ll continue to display my score at the bottom of each post. I try to sync the score with that point in the story, but I don’t always remember it.

As of this writing I have 19 points.

  • 2 points for being in my second generation
  • 1 point for fortune (although I need to check now that I’ve rebuilt the house)
  • 2 points for my two spouses not sharing any traits
  • 3 points for maxing out 8 skills
  • 4 points for completing 5 aspirations (my third generation is doing awesome!)
  • 1 point for having all the available potions on my lot
  • 1 points for the various parties I’ve thrown
  • 5 points for having 10 potions of youth on my lot
  • 0 penalty points (woot!)

I haven’t given myself a point for a sim growing fat on home cooking but only because I need to confirm how to know when that one is accomplished. Mitchell and Lemongrass were quite large by the end of their lifespans and may have score that point for me already.

For a complete guide to scoring, check out Pinstar’s scoring rules.

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